Review: 27 Dresses

‘Love is patient, love is kind, love means slowly losing your mind’

This film is unoriginal Rom-Com at it’s worst. The entire film is a mediocrely-acted cliché… Continue reading


Review: Mulan

‘The flower that blooms in adversity… is the most rare and beautiful of them all.’

This not-so-typical Disney Princess film is perhaps one of their finest. While I am not generally a fan of kids films I did find this to be a charming and interesting one… Continue reading

Review: The Judge – Two Robs Don’t Make a Right

Robert Downey Jr has stepped out of the Iron Man suit and into a lawyer’s suit in his new film The Judge. The film follows Downey Jr (playing the lead Hank Palmer), as he makes a trip down memory lane to visit his family in Carlinville, Indiana for personal reasons. At the heart of this family is Hank’s father; Judge Joseph Palmer, played by the legendary Robert Duvall. The main crux of the movie is the bad relationship between the father and son, and how being close together for a long period of time once again affects their relationship. The two Roberts play off each other very well, creating engaging conversations (which most of the time are arguments). In fact all the actors portrayed their characters very well. I must give Vincent D’Onofrio a special mention as I haven’t seen him in a film since Full Metal Jacket. His performance here makes me even more excited for the 2015 Netflix Dardevil show, I can’t wait to see his Kingpin. However the acting is the most positive point of the movie, the rest is pretty downhill…

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Review: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

I love westerns. So when it came to adding westerns to my watchlist this was placed at the very top. Mainly because many other fans of the genre were saying it is one of the greatest ever made. However I wasn’t blown away, expecting a 5 star movie I was instead given (in my opinion) a 4 star one.

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Let’s Chat Movies, Yeah! – Godzilla

On this episode we talk about the recent Godzilla film directed by Gareth Edwards, starring Walter White and Kick-Ass (or do we say Quicksilver now?). Our special guests today include a debut from Jack Mitchell. This means the return of the “Batman or Iron Man, Marvel or DC” segment. (4)