Review: Mulan

‘The flower that blooms in adversity… is the most rare and beautiful of them all.’

This not-so-typical Disney Princess film is perhaps one of their finest. While I am not generally a fan of kids films I did find this to be a charming and interesting one… The main character doesn’t fit into her rigid society, and is faced with a moral conundrum when her father is called for duty to serve in the army once again. She decides to pretend to be a man, and takes his place, and what ensues is a heart-warming success. There’s exciting battles, and interesting relationship dynamics, as well as a few laughs, most of which coming from the little dragon Mushu, voiced by Eddie Murphy, which has much the same style as his Character of Donkey in Shrek. While at times predictable, and rather corny and sentimental, this film entertains throughout, and it has the clear traits of being a Disney film (with the prince charming, and the princess, with a villain in their way and obstacles to be overcome). I would reccomend this to fans of the genre, and it rightfully has it’s place as one of Disney’s animated classics.

– 7/10

By Liam Best


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